Change Your Perspective

April 18, 2017  •  10 Comments


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Hi Lyn! I try not to encourage the man to embrace much of anything, especially different perspectives. But even though the photo has little perspective, the man often takes an over-the-top perspective being he can easily look over most things, even a 6 foot tall orange "J". An interesting point-of-view might have been for me to include the full "J" in the photo, but without another person close by for scale, I went by the way of the more ambiguous and close-up point-of-view, without much perspective, when I took the photo.
Lyn Wilder-Dean(non-registered)
So talk a little bit about this image. "Changing perspectives" clearly means more than just the composition of this shot (nice play on words by the way). Is there a specific perspective you are encouraging the man in the image to embrace?
T & L Photos
Hi David. I'm not sure what their perspective is on changing perspectives.
If the perspective change is about visiting ABQ, I think maybe, possibly, we'll see. (lol) :)
T & L Photos
Thanks, Christine!
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