Bunny, Butterflies, Surprise

April 15, 2017  •  18 Comments

Easter Bunny out at sunrise


Started to hop off when I got too close


And quickly got into full bunny run


Sleepy Orange butterfly and lizard running by


Common Buckeye butterfly


I couldn't find this tiny butterfly to identify it. It's probably a Hairstreak butterfly of some type.


Flycatcher alone on a branch


Surprise! A large bullfrog pops his head out of the water the instance the flycatcher takes off


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Thanks, Julie!
Such great shots Tim! Love the bunny pics .. a real bonus getting the bullfrog too
T & L Photos
Thanks, Harry! He's a cute little guy.
The easter bunny is funny :-)
T & L Photos
Hi Teagan. The bullfrog was a nice surprise.
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