A Walk Up Old Route 66

April 26, 2017  •  12 Comments

Looking east from the corner of Union Square and Central (Old Route 66) just east of the railroad tracks.


I walked up to UNM from downtown for tonight's Medieval lectures. The ART (Albuquerque Rapid Transit) project has Central (Old Route 66) torn up, down to one lane each direction, and the pedestrian/bikeway in the middle of Central. I'm posting some of the more interesting buildings I passed on my walk up Old Route 66 on my way to UNM.


Funky Barber Shop


I believe this is the first time I photographed the 66 Diner during daylight hours.


Phillips 66/Route 66 sign wall just east of the 66 Diner.


Funky gated community one Central about a block west of UNM.


Looking west on Central from the corner of Central and University.


The Felony Cafe is getting a face lift. Its on Central across from Hodgin Hall on the west end of UNM.



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Thanks, Julie! I didn't know that barber shop was there until I walked up Central.
You sure do have very interesting buildings in town .. that is a very cool barbers shop!
T & L Photos
Thanks, Teagan! We have quite a few cool corner buildings around Albuquerque.
I'm with Lavinia in the fondness for old corner buildings. To me they're magical. (OMG... new story idea.)
You knew you had me with the title of this one, Tim. All terrific. Love the sign wall. Mega hugs.
T & L Photos
Hi Lavinia! old corner buildings do have their appeal. I used to like Spy Vs. Spy because I didn't have to read it.
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