1969 Mustang 351

April 20, 2017  •  18 Comments


I know for sure that this car is a Ford Mustang. I pretty sure its model year is 1969, and the hood scoop indicates it has a 351 cubic inch engine.  If indeed it has a 351 cubic inch engine, which I really have no reason to doubt, then what I don't know is whether the 351 is a Cleveland or a Windsor; however, if I had to make an educated guess based on the looks of the car, I would guess it has a 351 Cleveland. The 351 Cleveland delivers more horsepower and can run at higher RPMs than the 351 Windsor, because the Cleveland has larger intake ports than the Windsor, and oversized canted valves. This Mustang has a high performance look about it that leads one believe it has a 351 Cleveland under the hood.


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Thanks, Julie!
Nice looking car Tim .. love the colour :)
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Thanks, Kendall!
Kendall Kessler(non-registered)
Great post!
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Hi Teagan. When I was trying to figure out the model year on this car, all the different body styles for each year made it difficult. If you didn't have a Mach I, more common, it might have been a GT, which are said to be very rare.
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