Worms Then & Now

March 18, 2017  •  12 Comments

Left to right: Laurie, Ann, Jim, Liz, Leah, Lane circa 1985.


Thirty years ago when I was photographing weddings for a local studio, I was very conscious of "worms" (fingers sticking out over shoulders and from around waistlines) especially when doing group photos. So the Mogfords wanted to to do a family photo with as many "worms" showing as possible. All of the family are in town this weekend, so Ann wanted to recreate the "worms" photo.


Left to right: Laurie, Ann, Jim, Liz, Leah, Lane 2017.


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Thanks, Julie!
Hey Tim .. just love this 'worms' photo! What fun .. beautiful shot of Laurie :D
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Thanks, Lavinia! Always a mystery.
Lavinia Ross(non-registered)
That is a great "then" and "now" set of photos, Tim! I love the concept of "worms" in photography. I never quite know what I will find here in your posts, and I was wondering when I saw the title. Beautiful photos! :-)
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Thanks, Herman!
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