Stuck in the Middle with Gray

February 27, 2017  •  10 Comments

Dawn Sunday morning looked much like the first photo from our property, but we couldn't see the mountains because of low clouds and fog. Yet Susan, who lives only ten miles to the southeast of us, and much closer to the mountains, posted a beautiful red dawn on Sunday morning — Sunrise with Crepuscular Rays.  I commented on her blog that while she had a colorful dawn, we had all gray, overcast skies, and if there was even a hint of color, the trees on the south side of our property blocked the view.  

I was out well before sunrise this morning and with the clouds moving by rather quickly, I figured we would have a nice fiery sky around 6:30 AM. I walked out shortly after 6:30, and red skies were forming to the north and to the south, with gray clouds in the middle fanning up and out from the top of the Sandias. The three photos for the panorama below were taken at 6:36 AM and the last photo was taken at 6:38 AM.

This morning's dawn was a perfect example of how we can end up with a gray morning, while Susan just ten miles away can have a brilliant red sky at morning.


On the bottom of the Rio Grande Valley, we can easily end up stuck in the middle with gray.


There's a distinct line that separates the gray and red where the clouds cover the crest of the Sandias. The red sky gave the cottonwoods a nice, red background that outlined the trees.



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Thanks, Julie!
Beautiful Tim. The clouds and the tree silhouetted in front look magic! I'm a sunrise fan :D
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Thanks, Harry!
The third image is the best one bcse of the red background outlining the trees.
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Hi Susan. It will be interesting to see what you saw from your place.
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