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Bruski and I went out and made joy over Shia LaBeouf shutting down his camera. The JOY art project on Civic Plaza is much more fun and positive, and, as you can see, Bruski was overjoyed being a human "Y". Since orange is the new black, imagine Bruski's black being orange.

Since WCW retired, we don't have a reliable source for cigarettes when we go out on our photo shoots these days, so Bruski first asked a group of guys wearing Safway T-shirts for a cigarette — they told him they didn't smoke. I asked them what Safway was, and they explained that it's a scaffolding company. They were working on a project at the AT&T building and were out getting coffee after lunch. 

We noticed a couple smoking by the fountain, walked over to them and Bruski asked if he could borrow a cigarette. He said he didn't smoke, and they said "We don't either!" as the beautiful young woman put her cigarette between her bright red lips before she searched through her purse and pulled out a pack of Marlboros.  "We're from Russia..." the man said in an unmistakeable Russian accent. He explained that they don't smoke, but since they had been up for the past 22 hours making their way to Albuquerque for the International Camp Managers Convention, hosted by the American Camp Association at the Albuquerque Convention Center, they were smoking to help them stay awake. I asked if they were from Moscow, and commented that it's a long trip to Albuquerque. He said "Not a bad trip. Only 4 hours from Moscow to New York and few more hours to Albuquerque." I think it's a few more hours all the way around — but once in Albuquerque,  apparently coffee, cigarettes and New Mexico sunshine is enough to keep sleep deprived travelers alert at a camp convention.

While I was photographing Bruski making joy in my sunglasses while smoking the cigarette he got from the beautiful Russian woman, I noticed a guy was standing beside me with a cigarette in his hand watching us. I asked him if he wanted to make joy with his cigarette, and he said "No! I noticed you guys had a cigarette and assumed you would have a light?" We told him we were sorry that we didn't have a light because we didn't smoke, but pointed out another guy sitting by the fountain smoking and suggested he ask him for a light.


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He seemed a bit puzzled. Thanks, Julie!
I wonder what the guy asking for the light thought when you said you didn't smoke!
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Hi David. She had Gold Marlboros. I probably should carry a lighter, as they are useful. I do carry a flashlight, which will light a cigarette, but not really light it.
Red Marlboros or Gold Marlboros? Reds are good in learning how to smoke. Golds are good when you want smooth smoke. Though I don't smoke, I do carry a lighter and our cars have cigarette lighters, now called accessory plug-ins. :)
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Hi Susan. Always happy to make you laugh. It was fun to go out and meet people.
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