The Sound of Cranes

December 04, 2017  •  14 Comments


Behind ripples, branches grab 
Super moon in liquid clouds
Breaks the hold, trees and pother
Sets the night alight

Dawn light breaks which darkness holds 
branches grab at morning light
Crane calls break on silent breeze
Solo, one, then two, then more

Super moon falls to the west
Set to Face a rising sun
Dawn blushes in cloud laced gown
Dendrite reaches for the sky







CranesCranes flying, landing and calling out to each other

This video shows Sandhill Cranes standing in a field, more cranes flying in and circling around, with a few cranes landing. A small flock of Snow Geese give a cameo performance taking flight from the orchard in the middle of the video. You can hear the cranes' unique voices as they announce their arrival or voice their opinions about the goings on in the field and orchard.




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Thanks, Julie!
Wow Tim! Birds, moon and just sheer beauty! Magic ...
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Thanks, Ann!
Ann Mogford(non-registered)
Amazing video---it's like being there in person!
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Thanks, Lavinia!
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