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The body clips I ordered for Laurie's Mazdaspeed 3 from China, and the new "Chile Capital of the World" license plate I ordered for my Mazda RX-8 were delivered today. Laurie caught the rocker panel skirt on a parking bumper that was sticking out in the road and it broke most of the fastening clips that hold the skirt on. I tried to get clips in town, but parts stores don't carry most body parts for Mazda because Mazda is a low production car company compared to Toyota, Honda and American car producers. Mazda produces models in lots of tens of thousands a year as compared to the millions of models produced by most other car manufactures. I located the clips from Mazda and one or two specialty parts companies on-line, but they wanted $4 to $8 per clip, so a dozen clips would have cost me $48 to $96. I found a bag of 50 clips from a seller in China for a grand total of $1.86 with shipping. I ordered the clips on November 11th, so it took twenty six days by China Post to get to me. It's not Amazon Prime, but it was very reasonable. I have bought several items from China and Japan on eBay, and the quality, service and shipping have always been reasonable.

I got on-line last week to renew the registration on my Mazda RX-8, and the MVD website suggested I upgrade to a "Chile Capital of the World" license plate for only $6.50. The MVD must be taking lessons from Amazon. I love the red and green chile license plate design, so of course I had to go for it. By changing license plates, I get a month registration for the $6.50 and then I will renew for two years at the end of the month. Excellent deal.


Love the license plate Tim ..well done with the international shopping!
Very cool the Chile plates aren't specialty. Colorado also has a "Denim" plate, "Colorful Colorado" plate, and a "county" plate. The county one is simply the regular Colorado green and white but with your county name stamped on the bottom of the plate. The denim plate is a washed denim blue like well washed jeans. The Colorful Colorado plate is a brightly colored, green plate. Though these plates are non-specialty, they are fairly expensive - add $50 for the county, $65 for denim, $75 for Colorful.
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Hi David. The Chile plates are not specialty plates, so they are inexpensive. I think New Mexico specialty and collectors plates are similarly priced. New Mexico does have rules about how much a vehicle with a collector's plate can be driven. I don't know if we have a "Pioneer" plate. It would probably be considered politically incorrect, but NM could have a Spanish Heritage plate. There are lots of people who can trace their families back 300 to 400 years when the Spanish made their way into New Mexico.
Nice looking plate. In Colorado, if you switch to a specialty plate, you need to pay a one-time, set-up fee of $50. The collector plate on my 1974 Ford Pinto is a 5-yr renewal cycle. The state legislature tried to limit how often one could drive with a collector plate, but the bill went nowhere fast. For the "Pioneer", they did scrap the requirement to furnish proof of having a family history of 100 years of living in the state. Anybody can get a Pioneer plate if you pay the $50 et-up fee.
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Thanks, Teagan!
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