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Thanks, Julie!
He looks like he is putting his heart and soul into this of luck to him
Lavinia Ross(non-registered)
There is an interesting story in that photo, Tim. Great shot!
So much story in this photo.

Although, I feel sad for him to be in this circumstance. I hope his music saves him.
T & L Photos
Hi Teagan! The ACLU will certainly challenge the ordinance. The reason for fining drivers is that they disrupt traffic flow when they are still trying to find money for the panhandlers' after the light's turned green. It happens quite often.

Between non-profits, churches and various public programs, there are lots of services for homeless people. Many of the panhandlers on street corners like this are simply scammers.

Whenever I go over to the grocery store in the Imperial Building that's behind our office in the late afternoon, there is always a line of homeless, panhandlers buying liquor with the spare change they got from people that day.
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