LOL Cats

November 07, 2017  •  9 Comments

Spunk: "Pull-eeze let me in so I can save you from those weirdos!"


Loki: "What 'weirdos' are you talking about?  Like chill out dude! Talk to the paw!"


Silver: "There's weirdos around here? Really? Who's sayin'?"



Ha ha beautiful kitty photos .. Loki is in heaven
T & L Photos
Thanks, Teagan. Always happy to make you smile.
Teagan R Geneviene(non-registered)
OMG... LOL Cats indeed! Love Silver's expression -- and Spunk's too. But Loki with those spread toes -- oh, that is one happy kitty.
Thanks for making me smile, Tim. Love all the beauty you shared in your next post too. Have a thriving Thursday!
T & L Photos
Thanks, Harry!
Thanks for the many smiles. Silver looks like a tall fellow, such long legs, wow :-)
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