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Busy beavers' latest dam on the clearwater ditch under the bridge we us to access the bosque. We'll see how long it lasts before the Conservancy men take it out. If you didn't see the post with the music video by the Angry Beavers and the AWB, you might want to check it out at http://photos.tandlphotos.com/blog/2017/11/bite-em-on-the-old-shin-bone.



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Hi Julie. The beavers are hard workers. And it must be really frustrating for them.
That beaver sure has been busy! It must be super annoying building your home and then having someone remove it for you, seems a shame.
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Hi Christine. The clearwater ditch is a "lateral drain", which is used to lower the water table. Otherwise, all the properties along the river would be a marsh. When the river was low a few weeks ago, the altimeter on my phone measured the river bed at 5,019 feet above sea level. Back on our property the altimeter recorded an altitude of 5,003 feet above sea level (I think we are actually a little under 5000 feet, but the phone's altimeter is approximate and close enough for rock 'n roll). The officials will argue that the beaver dams will cause the water table to rise, which could cause issues with septic tanks and wells. Although, I think it would be a long time before the beaver dams would raise the water table to an alarming level for property owners along the river. We hit water on our property at around 7 feet.
Christine E. Robinson(non-registered)
Really looks cold there, Tim. Why can’t the conservationists leave those beavers alone? Remember those beaver dams in my kid hood in Maine. They were never cleared away! Christine
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Thanks, Teagan!
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