Pre-Flight Friday

October 06, 2017  •  16 Comments


The 2017 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta officially starts tomorrow, October 7, 2017. However, Friday's pre-flight up the Rio Grande and over to the west side flew right by our property. The clouds were beautifully backlit as the early morning winds draped them over the Sandias. The Rio Grande is running high from recent rains. While the balloons flew just above the Tamarisk on the sandbar in the middle of the river, none of them tried a "splash-n-dash" that I witnessed — wise not to set their baskets in the fast moving current.








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Thanks, Julie!
Love these! And everything about them. Clouds, balloons, reflection .. wow Tim these are fantastic!! Great composition, it’s like being in a dream. Awesome!
T & L Photos
Thanks, Imelda!
Nice shots.
T & L Photos
Thanks, Danielle.
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