October 11, 2017  •  12 Comments

Prints from me and pterodactyls walking around in the mud on the sandbar in the middle of the Rio Grande.


Balloons, mudflats and foliage



My muddy boots with clean toes. Spunk was really excited when he saw how muddy I was, so he rubbed all over my boots cleaning the mud off the toes.



Interesting that the mud did not stick to Spunk. He's like a teflon kitty.



Rosencrantz sharpening his claws in celebration of muddiness.



T & L Photos
Thanks, Christine. Mud is fun.
Christine Robinson(non-registered)
Interesting mix of photos! Your adventures know no bounds. You capture fascinating details. Cats, dogs and kids love muddiness!! Christine
T & L Photos
I believe you are correct. Thanks, Couriers.
You've almost enough terracotta there to throw a pot!
T & L Photos
Hi Harry! If you have regular shoes they just stick in the mud and come off of your feet.
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