Forest of Sunflowers

September 04, 2016  •  16 Comments


We've allowed the sunflowers to grow into a forest and kept the pathways through the garden cleared. Now that the blooms have finally gotten ahead of the evil little moths that chew through the stalks below the buds at night, it's like walking though a maze of sunflowers and morning glories.


Laurie on the path.




A new gladiola.


We've also allowed the cosmos the make their own colorful forest in and around the sunflowers.


Laurie painted each nail in a different shade of green. The greens are pretty true to color against the red of Veteran's Honor.


A view of the garden from the corner of my darkroom showing layers of roses, vinca, bamboo and cottonwoods. Altisimo is in the foreground on the left.


Standing in the forest of sunflowers.

Sunset colors behind the peach tree.


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Thanks, Julie.
Your garden is exquisite! So many stunning flowers, and that sunflower forest! Wow .. I love Laurie's nails. Super post
Love the sunset ..
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Thanks, David. The problem with the peach and nectarine trees are they bloom early and normally the frost gets the blooms. We have have fruit off of then only tow or three times out of the 13 years since we planted them. The bores tend to get them, also.
I don't know what's more colorful, your garden or Laurie's nails. :)

We had a peach tree a few years ago, but bit the dust after producing a record bounty of fruit. The tree lived for nearly 20 years, which is not bad for a fruit-bearing tree.
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Thanks, Teagan. Sorry to hear about the rogue skeeter. I know people get stowaway spiders and snakes from time to time, but this is the first stowaway skeeter I've heard about.
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