Route 66

August 28, 2016  •  10 Comments

Old Route 66 (Central Ave) looking west from 4th Street in Downtown Albuquerque on Sunday afternoon, August 28, 2016.


Route 66 (Central Ave), Downtown Albuquerque, 1950 looking west from the railroad bridge. 1st Street is the first cross street. This photo is in a transportation plan for Albuquerque published in 1950. I got a copy of the plan several years ago when the YWCA moved out of their building in Downtown Albuquerque.


I-40 (new Route 66) westbound on Sunday afternoon, August 28, 2016.


Hi Tim .. I really like the old photo. So much happening, and those old cars! Beauties aren't they ...
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Thanks, Lavinia! I'm sure you were on that stretch of I-40.
Lavinia Ross(non-registered)
Nice photos, Tim! Route 66 in all its forms is an interesting bit of history. I think Rick and I may have been on that stretch of I-40 long ago on one of our trips when we lived back east and went west every year.
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That sounds great, Teagan. 1929 Packards were cool. Thanks for posting the song for Harry.
Teagan R Geneviene(non-registered)
Yes, Harry -- there is a song!
I enjoyed this post Tim, with the old photos and new ones. I drove 40-West every day to and from work. Of course I had always known of Rt 66, but I didn't give it much thought before I moved to New Mexico.

Since we've both been working with Rt 66 in our posts, I want to give you a shout out when I post Episode 24 of The Guitar Mancer. So that would be (not this coming weekend but) September 10th, I think. Oh my featured car for that one is a 1929 Packard.
Be well, my friend -- and be happy and sassy. Light & hugs.
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