Out to Lunch

August 17, 2016  •  20 Comments


I started my third round of chemo today, so I'm feeling like I'm out to lunch.  I'm actually entering photos in some local photo shows. One of them is B&W only, so I've been looking back for photos that I already did in B&W or look good in B&W as candidates. I don't know if I'll enter any of these, but I like them in B&W.







T & L Photos
Thanks, Julie!
The horseshoes is a winner ..and so is anything with a cat! Hope you are feeling ok Tim ... Thinking of you
T & L Photos
Thanks, Tiny. Good choices.
Great B&W shots here! My favorites are the cat and the horse shoe images!
T & L Photos
Thanks, Lavinia! The cat on the fence was my neighbor's cat. That was the last photo of him before he disappeared. The Chat Noir photo is Puck. He disappeared a couple of weeks after that photo was taken.
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