Funeral for a Friend

August 09, 2016  •  24 Comments


With great sadness I have to report that we lost Guildenstern today. Guildenstern was 16 years old. He had an episode of some type (a stroke or blood clot — we don't know for sure) over the weekend that left him unable to walk. We didn't think he would last through the weekend, but we treated him and nursed him along best we could, and he showed some improvement, so Laurie took him to the vet Monday morning. The vet said he was doing much better, but then he had another episode, suddenly passed out, and the vet was unable to revive him.  Guildenstern was a good friend to everyone and we will miss him greatly. Rosencrantz was with us when we buried Guildenstern in the afternoon, and then he sat by Guildenstern's grave until I went out and got him after dark.



He loved to roll in the dirt and bring loads of dirt into the house


A very young Guildenstern


black on black


Power lounging with Rosencrantz


Guildenstern liked pretty girls even in magazines



He was an expert napper


He liked to sit like a person


Pondering medieval


Rosencrantz and Guildenstern


pondering freedom


He loved to sit with Laurie


He was always good about modeling


Checking himself out on the computer


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Thanks, Martina!
T & L Photos
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Martina Ramsauer(non-registered)
I can very well understand your sorrow. We also have a 16 years old cat, which is behaving in a strange way these days and we are worried. I hope, however, that you feel better.Best regards
Oh Tim I'm so sorry. I'm having a tear here thinking of you all. .. I think that was lovely including Rosencrantz I wish I had done the same with Lenny. Hugs
T & L Photos
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