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Rosencrantz checking out the newly mulched path


In the morning I chopped and pulled weeds in the path the runs through the meadow on the way to the ditch along with chopping and pulling other weeds around the property. I spread new mulch on the path in the evening and Rosencrantz walked the path to see how well he could walk on it with the new mulch. The mulch is thick, but he didn't have any trouble walking on it. Friends dropped by in the afternoon, and while we were sitting on the deck talking a toad joined us. First place he checked out is the area by one set of steps that has vines growing, and a bed of rose petals that have fallen off America. Then he made several laps around the deck, over our feet and around our chairs before he hopped off into the flowers, vines and grasses growing around the edge of the deck.


Mr. Toad trying to blend into the vines and rose petals


Rosencrantz on the path looking at the sunset


Mr. Toad hanging out on the deck with us





The moon is almost full



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Thanks, Julie! Princely looking toad at that!
Wow Tim .. Stunning pics! That mulch looks perfect by the way! Love the sky with the fence and Rosencrantz on the path. Divine. Mind you, that is a very good looking toad!
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Thanks, Couriers! They do go about their business.
Do love toads! Especially the way they ignore us humans and go about their needs with nary a worry.
T & L Photos
Thanks, Harry!
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