A Praying Mantis In The Hand...

July 31, 2016  •  12 Comments


A Praying Mantis climbed up on me while I was sitting on the deck in the afternoon. She was very friendly, and posed for a few shots. I put her on the pink butterfly bush on the edge of the deck behind me, where she instantly spotted something that I couldn't see, and started stalking it — she caught a grasshopper and had in mostly eaten not more than 10 minutes after I put her on the butterfly bush.


Looking coy in my hand


"Do you mind if I crawl up your arm?"



She was not camera shy


She sees her prey


Finishing off the grasshopper she caught soon after I put her on the butterfly bush


Enjoying the late afternoon light after a fine meal



T & L Photos
Thanks, Julie! Tiny baby praying manti are so cute.
Hey Tim, I think pray mantis are just divine. I watched some hatch one day ..that was amazing. They are such good hunters too, no messing round. Wonderful photos
T & L Photos
Thanks, Susan!
T & L Photos
Thanks, Teagan!
Susan Brandt Graham Photography
She's so cute! Great series!
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