June 05, 2016  •  12 Comments

A turkey hen had her newly hatched poults taking cover under the trees and bushes in our orchard and garden.


The poults are so cute.



The neighbors dogs were barking and barking. When I went over to see what they were barking at, a baby porcupine crawled under our fence and headed for the roses. It was a really cute ball of quills.


The baby porcupine finally got fed up with us pestering it and made a speedy break for Dr Huey who gave the little guy refuge.



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Thanks, Julie! We don't have anything that they can destroy, so we really enjoy the turkeys.
Baby turkeys are cute indeed .. I just wished they would stay out of my orchard!
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You may be right! Thanks, Couriers!
There is your reason why Dr Huey exists - quite apart from being almost as gorgeous as the baby porcupine.
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Hi Lavinia! Laurie's a little disgusted with Dr. Huey. Even though the little porcupine was way too cute, they are very destructive to the roses. The snake is good. I fed her Friday night. Tristan will have to take care of her for me for the next several months. I can't handle snakes during treatment.
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