Transit of Mercury

May 09, 2016  •  12 Comments

6:42 AM MDT. The sun poked through the clouds momentarily, but the clouds were too thick to see Mercury.


The sky was overcast at sunrise. I walked out to the river to see if the clouds would clear, but the sun poked through the clouds for only a few seconds, and then was lost behind the clouds until 8:14 AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT), which allowed me to get the first photo that shows Mercury traipsing across the surface of the sun. The clouds had various openings in them until 9:00 AM, so I was able to get a photo of the sun through the layer of clouds at 8:59 AM, the mid-point in Mercury's journey across the sun. Then we had overcast skies until late morning, so there is a long time-gap between the photos until I was able to get more shots from 10:59 AM up until 12:15 PM when clouds again covered the sun until after well after the transit of Mercury ended at 12:41 PM.  You can see and animated gif of Mercury's transit made from the photos below at


8:14 AM MDT. The sun finally found a hole in the clouds so I could get a shot. Mercury is the dot a 1/3 from the bottom slightly off center. The larger dot is a sun spot.


8:26 AM MDT. The clouds cleared enough for Mercury to show as a more distinct dot.


8:51 AM MDT. Light Cloud cover again.


8:59 AM MDT. Thicker clouds now. This is the mid-point through the transit according to a website on times and locations of the transit of Mercury as seen from Albuquerque.


10:59 AM MDT. There's a large time gap because of the cloud cover. Mercury is now on the far right center of the sun.


11:38 AM MDT. Clear sky where the sun is so Mercury is a very distinct dot on the far center right side of the sun.


12:02 PM MDT.


12:15 PM MDT. Mercury is almost to the edge of the sun. This is the last photo I got before the sun was covered by clouds again. The Transit ended at 12:41 PM MDT, under cloud cover in Albuquerque.


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Thanks, Julie!
Such a great collection. How exciting to capture this
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Thanks, Herman! Yeah, but like I said, I've gotten used to the end of the world events.
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Thanks, Couriers. Totally clear and sunny this morning.
Great post with amazing photographs! Thank you, Timothy!
Thank goodness this beautiful and special event didn't turned out to be the end of the world... ;-)
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