Car Wash

April 03, 2016  •  8 Comments


I dropped by a local car wash today on my way home from getting materials for two more sit / stand desktops I'm working on. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, with no clouds to be seen through the air still air and wiggles of warm drafts rising off the pavement. After I rolled into the car wash, and the stop light  turned red, I got an unworldly display of abstract images as what I presume was water, soap, wax and brushes seemed to be spraying and beating a year's worth of dusty roads, muddy rains and windstorms off my car, but then again I could have been in the twilight zone.


The battle begins.


Deeper into the red zone.


Fire and water are a strange pair.


A quick check in the rearview mirror showed some semblance of civilization beyond the wash.


The last thing I remember was ball lighting bouncing off the sideview mirrors and smashing against the windows.


Strangely enough, I woke up in the middle of Corrales on the ditch bank with a clean car.


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Thanks, Julie! You have to do it now so we can see a carwash down under!
I've thought about taking pics in a car wash .. But never done it! Love yours Tim, they are so good!
T & L Photos
Hi Lavinia! That is a very good question! Could have been light years out and then back to the present.
Lavinia Ross(non-registered)
Interesting abstracts! How many days later did the UFO drop you off with the clean car? :-)
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Thanks, Teagan. I had to do something to pass the time.
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