X Moon Rising

March 21, 2016  •  12 Comments




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Thanks, Julie! A full, bright moon well after sunset will need to be exposed like daylight at settings like ƒ/16 at 1/100 sec or ƒ/8 at 1/500 sec to get detail in the moon, but everything surrounding the moon will be black. At sunset similar settings will give you detail in the moon and everything else will be underexposed, but not necessary too much. At dusk the surroundings with be very under exposed at those settings, so the exposure can be opened up a stop or two (ƒ/11 or ƒ/8 at 1/100 for example) and the moon will be overexposed and need the highlights pulled down in an image processor to get good detail — everything else will still be underexposed, but should be workable in an image processor.
Hey Tim ... I still having problems shooting the moon. Love the last shot it is so dreamy :d
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Hi Lavinia! It's good to hear you are getting rain. Just got the moon rising behind the towers on the Sandias. Lots of wind and dust today.
Lavinia Ross(non-registered)
That is a beautiful moon, and a nice series of shots. Clouds and rain up here, so didn't see much on our end of it. We are getting plenty of rain this season!
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Thanks, Janna! You need a camera with manual settings to get the moon.
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