Old Stomping Ground

March 08, 2016  •  10 Comments


While I was at UNM the other day, I stopped in the Art Building to see what was happening. The photo department was open, so I walked in to see how it looked 30 years after I was a photography student in the Art Department. I wasn't too surprised the see that the prep area and gang darkroom had changed little since I was there, and it warmed my heart to see they still offered classes in black and white film photography. What had changed were the areas that had lighting studios and other darkrooms now had scanners, color printers, larger format plotters and computer labs for digital processing and printing. I spent four years of my life in this area taking photography classes, processing film and making prints, and as I stood there in the familiar surroundings, it felt like only yesterday that I was a student, but a yesterday that was oh so long ago.








Awww it must have felt so great going back there. It's nice to see where it all started..
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Thanks, Julie! I even went on to get a Master's degree. That's after I dropped out of high school when I was 16.
Hey Tim ... gosh that's great. I didn't know you had studied photography ... How wonderful. It must have been great going back. I would love to do something like that. Still I did study horticulture for 4 years ... was so lucky to do that!
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Thanks, Couriers!
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Thanks, Lavinia!
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