Lick the Bowl Sunday

February 07, 2016  •  12 Comments

Few people were at Costo during the Super Bowl, so the shopping cart storage was filled to capacity.


I started to go by Costo on my way home Friday evening, but decided against it for fear of large crowds stocking up for Super Bowl Sunday. I decided I would wait and go to Costo during the Super Bowl on Sunday instead, and as I had anticipated, Costo had few shoppers. I got everything on my shopping list, then I got through the checkout and was out of the store in record time.

Laurie made vanilla bean Gelato Stracciatella with slivered orange chocolate bars, fresh orange, and orange zest from her Come fare in case Gelati e Sorbetti cook book we got in Rome. With whipped cream as part of the makings, Sasha had a "Lick the Bowl" Sunday party, and started by licking the whipped cream off the whipper. I got Søren out and we listened to "Lola" by the Kinks so he could get a better sense of the tune — I taught him to sing "Lola" and he does a pretty fair job singing it. We partied, listened to a few more songs, drank coffee and tested the gelato as it turned in the ice cream freezer. After the gelato was done, and we had put it in single serving containers that we put in the freezer, Sasha wanted to lick the leftover gelato out of the ice cream freezer. I told her her tongue would stick to it, and then promptly grabbled a plastic spoon and rubber spatula, and used them to "lick" the remaining gelato out of the ice cream freezer — it was delightful (sorry Sasha).  In the end, Sasha seemed content licking the wire whip and any other bowls waiting to be washed.




Najar waiting for me to pour her a cup of coffee.


Sasha celebrating "Lick the Bowl" Sunday.



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Thanks, Julie!
Oh I just love these pics Tim! Hug those cats for me please
T & L Photos
Thanks, Miz Shaaz! They might not live very long.
Lol Sasha looks so serious in action I dare anyone to try taking the wire whip from her.
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Thanks, Lavinia! Søren is really funny when he sings Lola. He does lots of variations on it, also.
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