Christmas Season Cats — Cooking With Kitties

December 23, 2016  •  18 Comments

Sasha: "Ahhh! It smells like Heaven."


Spunk: "Whoa! Look! I think I see Santa."


Sasha: "Did you see Santa?"  Najar: "I didn't see Santa!"  Sasha: "Is Spunk crazy?"   Najar: "Absolutely!"


Sasha: "Oh! Oh! Oh! My finch-n-mouse mocha macchiato!"


Sasha: "Grrrr... Get your filthy paws off my macchiato"


Najar: "To pounce or not to pounce? That is the ponderance."


The cat with no name (Lola) stares down the notorious "Black Pepper" — the fastest grind in the west.


Spunk: "You wanna wear that carne adovada, paparazzo?"


Rosencrantz: "Would you all quit jabbering and start serving?"


Love the kitty antics. they are really into the holiday!
Fastest grind in the west! What a great post a Tim. Just love your cats! Wonderful pics
T & L Photos
Thanks, Janna!You and you kitties have a very Merry Christmas!
T & L Photos
Thanks, Teagan! Rosencrantz tries to keep us in line.
T & L Photos
Thanks, Herman! Never a dull moment with kitties.
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