The Seed

November 13, 2016  •  10 Comments


A seed floats
Aimlessly on fall’s cool breeze
Above tall grasses
Of basketweave walls
Searching for bare ground
A place in the soil
To lie down and rest
Sleep through winter
And wait 
Wait the wet kiss
Tears of happiness
Shed in spring
To wake
Wake embraced by
A warm summer sun
And grow
Grow strong and tall
To send out seeds
On breezes
Fall’s cool winds
Floating aimlessly 


T & L Photos
Great, Susan. I sent you an email also.
Susan Brandt Graham Photography
Thanks, Tim. I'll give it a try! Link bookmarked!
T & L Photos
Thanks, Harry! The photo was very hard to get.
T & L Photos
Hi Susan. Bookmark this site: I knew from the degrees listed on the site that it was going to come up much further north on the Sandias tonight. Tomorrow night it will rise further north. You should probably look for it both tomorrow morning if you are up before 6:00 and Tuesday morning as well. You have a much better view of the western horizon than I do to see the moon set.
Good poem with effective photograph :-)
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