The Last Rose

November 20, 2016  •  12 Comments

The last rose in an unprotected area of the garden to keep its beautiful form after the first really cold mornings last week, stood as a shining pilar of beauty and strength basking in the cold, blue morning light. The temperatures at sunrise dropped to 17ºF (-8.33ºC) almost every morning, and this rose endured the biting frost, defying the deep freezes that withered other roses.


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Thanks, Julie. It doesn't have much smell in our dry climate.
Oh Tim .. That is exquisite. And to think it can stand those temps and look so beautiful. Love this pic .. I bet it has a sweet delightful perfume
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Thanks, Teagan. Happy to give you a last glimpse of color.
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Thanks, Harry!
Teagan R Geneviene(non-registered)
Hi Tim, Thanks for sharing this last breath of summer rose. Winter has arrived here, and after the fifth year of trying, I was unable to "escape" -- so I'm even less happy about winter than ever. So this rose is particularly welcome.
Sending you Light and hugs.
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