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Spunk looking "Beastly"



We got a new hand me down bookcase today, and Spunk and Najar were quick to check it out. They both went through the same routine on how they inspected the bookshelves and the books.


Najar trying to look "Beastly"


Spunk eyeing our "Inspector Erlendur" series by Arnaldur Indriðason.


Najar found our "Inspector Erlendur" series to be of interest, as well.


Spunk thought the space by "The Book of Beasts" offered a good vantage point.


Najar also liked the vantage point the shelf with "The Book of Beasts" offered.


Spunk wanted to know if there were any mice recipes in our collection of Fine Cooking magazines.


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Thanks, Julie!
I just love how cats can't help themselves .. So inquisitive!
T & L Photos
Hi David. They thought the Erlendur books were more interesting than cook books.
Though Fine Cooking magazine drew some interest, seems like the cookbooks didn't draw any. :)
T & L Photos
Thanks, Teagan.
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