Hospital Day Seventeen — We Have Takeoff

October 26, 2016  •  20 Comments

"Cranes in the Mist"  one of Susan's favorite photos that I've done. Happy Birthday, Susan!



On this date 58 years ago I was born in this hospital. I was a blue baby and required a blood transfusion. That was the start of some major health issues over the years, but I am very thankful that modern medicine at the time of each issue was aways a positive contributor to help me overcome each problem, and enable me to live a normal, active life when I could have easily been crippled from a very young age.  I'm also the product of the nuclear age. My dad was exposed to radioactive fallout from hydrogen bomb testing in the early and mid 1950's. My mom told me that they were not supposed to have a third child because of the "RH" factor. My dad was possibly more surprised to discover they were having me, than he was by the power of those H-bombs.

I spent my 58 birthday in the hospital, where I started life. I would have preferred to be home with family and friends, but again I'm relying on modern medicine to help make things straight again, and give me a new life.  I got in lots of steps today — 12,500 so far.  The nurses got me a chocolate cake, and several nurses, techs and my doctor came in and sang happy birthday to me in the early afternoon. After they all made off with a piece of cake, I sat back down and finished "Beowulf".  But the best birthday present I had today is when I got the email to go to MyPres, and after logging in and getting to the reports, I opened the "CDC with Differentials" and for the first time in a week I didn't see all zeros for the immune system. 


The remainder of the birthday cake.


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Thanks, Christine!
Christine Robinson(non-registered)
Tim, sorry, late to the party! Celebrating in the hospital you were born in is pretty cool! Happy to read your immune system is kicking in. You're had a rough time medically since you were born! You're on to a new life now! Good thoughts & prayers continue! Happy Thanksgiving to you and family! Christine
Happy belated birthday! The cake was impressive and your good news even more so
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Thanks everyone for all the comments and well wishes.
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Hi Teagan. That is actually quite a large square of cake, but I couldn't deal with the whole thing!
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