Hospital Day Fifteen — Not so Spunky

October 24, 2016  •  13 Comments

Spunk taking advantage of a west facing window


All counts are still zero for my immune system, and my red blood cells are really taking a beating, so I don't have nearly as much spunk today. I felt like laying around like Spunk in these photos.  Cats don't need zero counts to take advantage of laying about the house.  I ended up with 10,000 steps yesterday, but I don't think I will make it today.


View from the inside


Take it easy Tim .. Bet you'll be doing lots more steps before you know it! Love that Spunk
T & L Photos
Thanks, everyone. I really appreciate all the thoughts, prayers and comments. My doctor was in today and told me to keep getting as many steps as I can. He said that the activity and being engaged in all my activities helps keep me from getting an infection while my counts are zero. I'm not pushing unrealistic goals, and I spend a lot of time just reading, and letting my eyes rest. The doctors and nurses here tell me I'm doing all the right things.
Spunk has the right idea - chill in a sun puddle. Hope you find your metaphorical sun puddle, even a real one. We have a new cat very like Spunk, he turned up uninvited and keeps us immobilised for hours by sleeping on laps - any lap will do.
I fully agree with David's comment... It's not a bad idea to follow 'the cat way' of life! ;-)
Thanks for the smiles and keep on spunking :-)
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