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September 19, 2015  •  16 Comments

Four stories with a high parapet around the top to wall-in the roof garden.


Progress on the Imperial Building as of September 17, 2015. The colors of the construction materials are very "New Mexico".


The back side of the building. The grocery store will be on the bottom floor on the far left, and restaurant/fast food space on the far right.


Northeast corner showing the back side of where the grocery store will be on the street level.


Southeast corner. The grocery store will take up all the space on the bottom floor at this corner and all along the street level on the east side of the building.


Front of the building. It would actually be a much better looking building if it really curved like the distortion from the super wide-ange lens


Southwest corner with space for a large restaurant on the corner, and three retail spaces on the south side of the building east of the restaurant.


Northwest corner has spaces planned for small restaurants or fast food places.



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Thanks, Harry!
T & L Photos
Hi Couriers. Wood frame construction with a plaster and stucco finish is very common out here in residential construction. Commercial construction has to be all steel frame, thus you see the metal studs in the ground floor, but since the top floors are residential they are allowed to use wood frame. I assume wood frame is still cheaper than steel given the fact the building is not all steel frame construction.
Good to see the progress they made :-)
Only just beginning to appreciate the scale of the site. Really curious about the wooden construction, not something we get over the pond on such a huge project.
T & L Photos
Thanks, Janna! The building is huge. It takes up half a block.
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