Off the Wall

September 17, 2015  •  18 Comments


When we walked over to 320 Gold S.W. to climb stairs, a Sheriff's Deputy was taping off the area around the entrance, and there were ropes hanging down from the top of the building. I asked what was going on and he said they were having a fundraiser for some charity. As we walked around the taped off area, a woman was announcing over a loud speaker that for a donation of $500 anyone could go up and rappel down the side of the building. When we got to the top floor the door to the 16th floor was open, and I looked in and saw that the door to the roof was also open. The women standing at the door said I could go out and take photos. I had just finished taking a few shots when two men started rappelling down the side of the building. I ran down the 36 flights of stairs, and when I stepped outside, they were about halfway down. I got a few more shots as they made their way down the brick wall, and over the windows to the sidewalk below — they got a round of applause from the people standing on the street watching when they touched down.







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Thanks, Nancy. Going down steps is easy!
Holy Cow!! How cool was that... And I bet you didn't even huff or puff after running down all those flights of stairs!
Cool shots!
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Thanks, Miz Shaaz!
Oh my That's crazy! But wow great shots! It's amazing how much you manage to fit in your shots. Your pictures continues to amaze me.
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Thanks, Teri!
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