Kittens on a Grid

September 06, 2015  •  14 Comments


Najar and Sasha inside looking out of the catio. The middle photo is a Siamese that was in the neighbor's yard. Since this is Labor Day, I have been laboring to replace the bathtub after the one I put in three years ago when I remodeled the bathroom cracked. It was a plastic tub with thick styrofoam on the base of the tub. I don't think the styrofoam was stable and the bottom of the tub and it cracked in several places. I replaced it with a modern steel tub with a porcelain finish and a fiber coating surrounding the outside of the tub. It's as thick as a cast iron tub, but much lighter, although it weighs a lot more than the plastic tub, so it was a lot of work wrestling it into place. Since the dimensions are slightly different between the two tubs, I had to redo the plumbing to make it all line up properly. 

After I got the tub set and the drain connected, I was working on adjusting the piece of wood that slides into the opening under the tub that gives me access to the drain connections. I had walked back in from making a cut, and I saw Sasha's tail disappear into the opening where she was able to crawl under the floor. While I was really mad at her, it was good I saw her slip into the opening, otherwise, I would have sealed her in the floor under the tub. 

I finally got the shower enclosure back up, so the new tub is ready to go. All I need to do now is finish the area around the top of the enclosure and put the tracks back in for the ceiling. I finished the ceiling a few months ago after thinking about it for almost three years, only to take it apart to remove the shower enclosure so I could remove the cracked tub.







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Thanks, Janna! We have to do a cat count every night before we go to bed.
That is a lot of work to put the tub in. It's not funny, but I did have to chuckle at the cat slipping into the opening - that is just like a cat! I can't tell you hope many times I've locked a cat up somewhere because I had a closet door open for just a second. I hope you did a kitty head-count when you were done, haha.
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Thanks, Julie!
oh my such beautiful photos! I'm so pleased you saw the kitty slip in under the bath! Good ..
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Thanks, Miz Shaaz!
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