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The sea keeps secret the names of the souls who dwell in its depths, and Sam Harris will no more allow anyone to learn the name given her at birth than the sea will give up its dead. Abandoned by her father, 16 year old Sam moves from England to the Scottish coast with her mother and younger brother to start anew after their lives are shattered by their father walking out on them.


While taking a break driving to their new home, Sam finds a piece of sea glass walking alone on a stretch of beach. Whether the sea glass or something special in her psyche, Sam begins to see people from the past. Ghosts? A time warp? Whichever, she sees people who others cannot, and soon she discovers the alcove below the house where she ends up living is enchanted.


Sam meets a young man named Sneddon, who has beautiful, icy blue eyes, but his presence muddles Sam’s thoughts and, although she is attracted to him, he makes her uncomfortable. While out trying to climb a rock on the edge of the sea, Sam finds herself in trouble and is rescued by another young man named Seb. Seb has quite the opposite effect on Sam. She can talk to him and she feels comfortable with him. Seb is average looking and has webbed toes. But she soon learns there is an age old rivalry between Seb’s and Sneddon’s ancestors — Selkies and Whalers — the former being the seal people, and the later the people who hated and killed the Selkies.


Sam gets stuck between the young men and the apparitions she sees at the alcove, and what is supposed to be the beginning of her new life on the Scottish coast becomes deadly serious.


“Selkie” is Julia Lund’s second novel. It’s a delightful read, quick paced and exciting. “Selkie” is available on Amazon US at Selkie by Julia Lund  and Amazon UK at Selkie by Julia Lund.




I’ve been reading fellow blogger’s novels for the past few years. I sometimes write reviews on Amazon, but I get busy, lazy and often don’t do it. So I decided to expand into writing book reviews on my blog along with “Tales from My Youth…” and my daily photos.


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Thanks, Douglas!
Douglas Moorezart(non-registered)
And so glad you did! Really enjoying your youthful stories and now these reviews are really great appetizers to wider fare! Keep up the great posts!
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Thanks, Kathy! I wouldn't say that. I'd been promising a her a review for such a long time, that I had a lot of time to think about it.
WK Tucker(non-registered)
You did a much better job than I did re review. I'm sure Julia is pleased.
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Thanks, Miz Shaaz!
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