A Band of Wild Turkeys

July 26, 2015  •  14 Comments

Wild turkeys, a hen with eight poults (ferrel turkeys really), have been hanging around in the yard. A group of turkeys is called a "Rafter", in case you were wondering, but "A Band of Wild Turkeys" made a better title. This may be the same hen that has been visiting us for the past couple of years, but it's hard to tell. This is the first time I have seen a hen with little ones hanging out on the property.


Mama turkey looking at me through the grass


Laurie started to go on her run and came back in the house, I asked her what she forgot — "Nothing, the turkeys are on the path and I didn't want to chase them away!" I grabbed my camera and when we got close to the turkeys, the mama crouched down to hide and was trying to get her poults to do the same. Half of them crouched down, the other half stood there looking confused.


As I got closer they all started standing up like they recognized the stupid paparazzo who has been following them around. Mama turkey finally stood up and they followed her into the grass.




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Thanks, Julie. As of yesterday, she still had all 8 with her.
Oh boy, I wish I could get excited about turkeys and their offspring, but sadly they are pests here and love raiding my orchard. Mum has done an amazing job to have that many young ones with her .. :)
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Thanks, Miz Shaaz!
T & L Photos
Thanks, Lavinia! I often see skunks when I'm out battling gophers in the wee hours.
Great shots Timothy! It's funny that she crouched down to hide instead of running. So smart lol
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