A Band of Gypsies

July 12, 2015  •  24 Comments

Laurie, Tristan and me at a restaurant. The only restaurants we went to were Chinese to get spicy food or when we performed with the group from the Canarias.


Over the next several months, I'll be doing a series called "Tales From My Youth..." that will include odd jobs and various incidents from my teens and early twenties. The difficult part of doing the series is creating photos to illustrate the tales. So while looking for old photos that might be helpful, I came across a few photos of Laurie, Tristan and me when we lived in Spain in the late 1990's. Since we were studying dance and guitar while we lived in Spain, I took very few photos and Laurie very little sketching and no painting. We did become part of a performing group from the Islas Canarias, so we have photos of us in costume and, a couple of photos taken by a friend.

Practicing my guitar


Laurie, Tristan and me in costume


Laurie and Tristan







T & L Photos
Hi Torque. I'm playing guitar again. I've been posting new original music on the WP blog. I forget which building that was were the last three photos were taken.
Torque Earnest(non-registered)
Hi Tim, absolutely lovely photos! Loved to see you three :) Laurie and Tristan look so fine women in the traditional Spanish outfit (y) Just like the movies :) Seeing you in a very different avatar ofcourse... Never imagined you in long curls :D Do you still play the guitar? And, where's the third and fourth picture taken? Is it a restaurant or cathedral?
T & L Photos
Thanks, Julie!
Wonderful images Tim ... it must have been a fun time. :)
T & L Photos
Hi David! We didn't get into trouble, but just barely.
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