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Sasha when she fist arrived Sunday night.


Sasha is now the 7th kitty in our clan. Her former owner could no longer keep her and was going to take her to the pound. We took her in instead.

About 20 minutes after Sasha got out of the kitty carrier


6:00 AM yesterday morning already at play



Sasha catches a glimpse of Spunk watching her play


Continuing her morning play


Reacting to Spunk on her carrier


By the time I got home yesterday evening about 7:00 pm, Sasha and Spunk had started playing. In this sequence, Sasha advances, Spunk bats her back, she does a roll and then slides forward, pushing off the box for an "on the back attack."


Spunk goes for an "on the back attack!"





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Thanks, Couriers. She is completely settle in a taken over.
Sasha is just gorgeous and looks to have settled in incredibly fast. Spunk might just have had something to do with that. Great that you could add her to the clan.
T & L Photos
Oh Julie, you have a farm! You have to have lots and lots of cats to have a proper farm!
She is just beautiful .. I would love to have more cats, but hubby says no. We have 3 at present with one who is ancient. How good you are rehousing them .. I have cat envy! :D
T & L Photos
Thanks, Lari!
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