A bird and a bee and a kitty in a tree

June 16, 2015  •  19 Comments


I had my annual checkup with the doctor yesterday and all may lab results were so normal that the doctor told me all my aches and pains were simply from aging. In other words, I have nothing to complain about.  I had lemon buttermilk chiffon cake with strawberry sauce and whipped cream and a cup of coffee to celebrate when I got home. The were lots of critters out, including Sasha being cute, birds, bees, a snake I rescued from Najar, grasshoppers, painted lady butterflies and a very large snapping turtle I came across while walking along the clearwater ditch. We also sat on the deck and listened to George Thorogood and Brian Setzer who were in concert at the Sandia Amphitheater across the river. I don't like George Thorogood, but I do like Brian Setzer and his Rockabilly sound.












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Hi Lavina! I am posting some of the same info on René on tomorrow's blog. I lost a friend I grew up with to brain cancer several years ago. Brain cancer can be very persistent.
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Thanks, Douglas!
Douglas Moorezart(non-registered)
Totally and completely superlative!
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Thanks, Couriers! Shasha is just adorable!
Great news on the checkup - your treat to yourself looks yummy! Great critter shots though we are of course biased towards Sasha. She's looking super cute.
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