2015 Corrales Garden Tour

June 07, 2015  •  18 Comments

Tyrannosaurus between gardens tempting us with a bouquet of flowers


We went on the Corrales Garden Tour yesterday. The sculptures and artifacts were some of the interesting features.

Dr. Huey on a ladder in the first garden


Ram skull at the second garden


Garden glove sculpture at the third garden


Fairy flautist at the fourth garden


Freaky flying critter at the fourth garden


Face and fountain at the fifth garden


T & L Photos
Thanks, Julia!
Julia Lund(non-registered)
The ladder and trunk photos really remind me of France. Lovely.
T & L Photos
Sound like a nice area!
Yes. I just moved to 'literally' across from High Park, which is quite a beautiful place to start. I just get so caught up with life and just forget about these little things.
T & L Photos
Thanks, Miz Shaaz! I'll bet they have some beautiful gardens in Toronto!
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