Flying With The Cars

May 17, 2015  •  24 Comments

A Yellow-Bellied Flycatcher was flying with the cars catching flies. I also finally got photos of a Hepatic Tanager, a red bird that I usually only see high in the trees out of range of my lens. I also got photos of a Western Tanager — I don't recall see them around much before, be we have several of them this year.

Yellow-Bellied Flycatcher making a hard right by the truck.


Hepatic Tanager just finishing up an insect it caught. Normally these birds fly off the minute they see me, but this one let me get fairly close.


Hepatic Tanager flying off after I got too close.


Western Tanager checking me out.


Western Tanager checking me out from a safer spot above me in a cottonwood.


Yellow-Bellied Flycatcher stretching on a power line.


"Is that a fly I see buzzing around?"


Yellow-Bellied Flycatcher flies off to catch the fly.



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Thanks, Julie! Complain to WP. They drove me away.
oh Tim I missed all of these posts! So many stunning pics .. Just love these too! You are so clever .. Miss you on WP.
T & L Photos
Thanks, Emilio!
Definitely amazing captures!
T & L Photos
Thanks, Douglas!
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