Who Would Have Thought?

April 26, 2015  •  18 Comments

A pigeon is not happy that we are tearing up the roof and she was letting us know what she thought of it.


While removing old vents from the roof in preparation for having a new roof put on the office, the workers cut into a conduit running under the roof deck, and cut a wire that supplied power to the front of the office. The contractor got his electrician out, and he determined we would have to cut the power to the downstairs portion of the office to run new wires to the breaker box. Since I was able to run power to the front of the office using a large extension cord from the dedicated circuit for the copier, we scheduled the wire repair for Friday. What everyone thought would be a fairly straight forward job of putting in a junction box under the roof deck and running new wires to the junction box beside the breaker box, turned into a major ordeal that took three days to complete. On top of that, our normally dry, sunny weather turned to rain, so between having to open the roof up for the electrician to install the junction box and attempt to run new wires, the places that usually leak (the reason for the new roof), and some of the areas where they had removed vents and put temporary patches also leaked, resulting in a lot of water inside the office.  Jim and I spent Sunday helping the electrician with the last wire pulls and cleaning up water from the various leaks. We then helped him trace the neutral wires and map the circuits after all the splicing was done. What we thought would be a simple job that would be finished by noon on Friday, was finally completed with all the power restored at 7:00 pm Sunday.

New junction box and "Tuff-Seal" dam around the hole to hold back the deluge.


Junction box that feeds the breaker box. The 1 inch conduit at the top of the box proved to be too tight to pull all the new wires through. The electrician ended up getting half the wires through the old conduit and then installed new conduit for the other half of the wires.


Water running into the office from the opening in the roof.


After we got the water vacuumed up off the floor in the library, it was still a mess of wires, ladders, tools, connectors and conduit from the table all the way out the back door into the alley behind the office.


A mess of wires.


The electrician splicing wires in the new conduit he had to install after several failed attempts to pull all the wire through the original conduit.



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Thanks, Julie!
Oh boy, I can only imagine! And leaking to boot ...
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Thanks, Debra! Dealing with electrical stuff isn't much fun to begin with and even less so in the rain.
Oh. What a nuisance -- what a scary nuisance. Water with electricity. eeep Why do these jobs so often seem to be more complicated than they first appear? Great photos though. haha
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Thanks, Nancy!
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