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April 08, 2015  •  28 Comments

The wisteria is blooming, along with the different colored tulips. The cats have been getting in some tip top lounging. Also, take some time to visit David's blog, Through the View Finder ... with feline assistance and read his daughter's very well written, and very touching story "Riding Lessons: Lessons on Life".

Rosencrantz and Spunk napping in style



Four cats on four corners of the couch, almost. Lola, Diné and Rosencrantz in three corners and Spunk in the middle between Ronsecrantz and the sheep.


Guildenstern taking in the afternoon sunshine streaming through the west window in the dance room.


T & L Photos
Thanks, Blakemore!
Beautiful images.
I love that second photo - Rosencrantz really knows how to relax! My cats mostly curl up and rarely stretch out like that.
T & L Photos
Thanks, Douglas!
Douglas Moorezart(non-registered)
Aww very sweet!
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