Blue Dawn

March 01, 2015  •  8 Comments

All the snow is gone, and the dawn was blue.

I spent most of Sunday building a partition in one Tristan's rooms. The room was originally two bedrooms, but the former owners removed the interior wall and the center support that held the doors into each room in order to make one large room with a double door entry. The walls they removed were load bearing and the ceiling had deflected by at least 2 inches, and water was ponding on the roof. When I set up the 8 foot high frame, it was propped at a good angle between the floor and ceiling — we had to sledgehammer the bottom of the frame, moving it 12 inches to get it up-right and level, which pushed the roof up the 2 inches it had sagged. When we went out to get the first piece of sheet rock to hang on the frame, lots and lots of water was running off the roof.

I also had the tear out all the framing they had added after they took out the original doors in order to replace the center support in the doorway and have the correct measurements to fit two 32" pre-hung doors.


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Thanks, Miz Shaaz! Fixing former owner's projects have not been fun.
Wow Good thing caught it before it got worse. Sounds like you've had your hands full. Amazing shot of the dawn!!
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Thanks, David! We got a lot of snow out of that storm, snarled things up pretty well, but it didn't last.
Very blue. Nice capture.
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Thanks, Lavinia! I like the dawn with all it's colors. Framing and hanging sheet rock isn't real difficult, more hard heavy work than anything.
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