Holiday Preparations T – 10 Days

December 21, 2015  •  18 Comments

Laurie assembled leftover greens, birds and pinecones into a beautiful centerpiece


In the thirty-three and a half years Laurie and I have been married, we have never had a "traditional" cut or synthetic Christmas tree. We did get one of those tiny, pre-decorated live trees that we planted after Christmas a couple of different years — those trees were as close to traditional trees as we ever had. We usually decorate a house plant or indoor tree. For years we had a pot with 5 Norfolk Pine trees that looked like one bushy tree that we decorated year after year until it outgrew the house; we finally gave it to a friend with an atrium. For the past 10 years or so we have decorated our big, gnarly bonsai ficus, which makes a rather nice Christmas tree.


Spunk and Sasha helping take decorations out of the box


Laurie looking festive in the outfit she wore to the Medieval Studies holiday bash. 


Holiday cheer with candy canes, cookie cutters and sparkly nails.


Laurie preparing for a holiday run in the pre-white Christmas snow.


Sasha peeking around the corner to see where Christmas is. This is her first Christmas and she's excited.


An abstract photo of our gnarly bonsai that we decorate for the holidays


Birds waiting to be put in the tree


Sasha checking out the lights, balls, butterflies and birds on our gnarly bonsai


Since we rarely get snow in the Albuquerque area, Santa leaves the reindeer up north and drives a 1958 Plymouth Belvedere.


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Thanks, Miz Shaaz! Dead trees make good hangers for lights and ornaments. I put a light rope on the plant hanger that makes a loop around the ceiling of the sunroom one Christmas years ago. We left it there and turn it on every night for atmosphere in the sunroom.
Great photos! I've always loved the idea of decorating regular trees, I bought evergreens a couple years ago for my balcony and they dried out within two weeks, I was devastated and couldn't bring my self to toss them out so I left them there a decorated them, mainly with lights and kept them on year round which made me quite happy lol. Laurie looks Fantastic BTW.
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Thanks, Mary! You should get a little tree for the kitty to tear up. It is Christmas after all!
mary strong-spaid(non-registered)
Oh...Cats love Christmas decorations!
All sorts of tinsel and other sparkling things to play with.
Last year, my male cat thought it was his purpose in life to take the tree down, so this year we decided not to put one up. We put all breakable things out of reach, where they can be admired and enjoyed....not eaten or destroyed. :).
T & L Photos
Thanks, Juanita! It's always interesting to see what the kitties will decide to go after.
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