Where have all the turkeys gone?

November 25, 2015  •  21 Comments

Mama turkey flying off the wall into the yard


From July into October we had a family of ferrel turkeys visit almost daily as they liked to roost high in our cottonwood trees. A mama turkey with 8 poults would hop up on the wall, one by one, as part of their daily routine on their way to roost. In July the poults were small and unsure of the world around them. The last time we saw them was October, and they were all big and grown up. We are hoping they are hiding out for the holidays. Happy Thanksgiving!


Poults on the wall back in July contemplating their flight off the wall into the yard to catch up with their mother


October: the band of turkeys, all grown up, take their leave as they walk down our road, off into the sunset




Great shots!!
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Thanks, Julie!
Hi Tim, great shots! We were only talking about it yesterday, we had 2 groups with Mum and offspring .. They have disappeared. Turkeys make the best Mums.
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Thanks, Martina! We have quite a few wild animals around here. I think the turkeys are in more danger from coyotes that humans in Corrales. I was surprised the last time I saw them in October all 9 turkeys had survived to that point.
In our region turkeys don't risk anything around thanksgiving but maybe for Christmas! Anyway, I appreciate very much that there are still situations where these birds can still live in freedom. Thank you very much for your impressive pictures.
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