Tear of a Clown

October 08, 2015  •  28 Comments


Burn Coco burn



Mama always told me not to look into the eyes of the sun, but mama! That's where the fun is!



Rocket man burning out his fuse up here alone


DOG                                                                                photo by Laurie Price


GONE                                                                                   photo by Laurie Price


 IT                                                                                        photo by Laurie Price


photo by Laurie Price








T & L Photos
Thanks, Nancy!
T & L Photos
Thanks, Julie! I think the birds just stay out of their way.
Wow Tim ... these look amazing! I wonder what the birds think? Wonderful photos .. thanks for sharing.
T & L Photos
Hi Susan! The ballons flew over us 6 days in a row, and along the river, two days in a row, One day we only had a couple balloons that launched from the property next door fly over.
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