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Hi Lavinia! The first carI bought in 1975 was a 1965 Rambler American with a 195 cu engine. I later put a 232 cu engine in it and had to modify the front of the car extensively because the 195 had a shorter block than the 232. But once I got the 232 in the car, is was pretty hot car because the Ramble American was a small car for the time.

What I find interesting about these old cars with big engines like the Trans Am 455 (7.5 liter), is that the stock engine put out between 290 and 310 horse power. Laurie's Mazda Speed 3's little 2.3 liter engine turns out 263 HP, my RX-8's 1.3 liter engine turns out 232 HP. Of course it didn't take much to modify a big 455 to churn out 600 to 700 HP back in the day.
Lavinia Ross(non-registered)
My Nova was one of those greenish ones, the engine was a straight 6, 230 cc. That car was the first Seabisquit. I learned to work on cars on that vehicle. Everything was simple, and open enough to get at. Bought the car for $200 at 101,000 miles, and had close to 200,000 on it when the back floor rusted out and I got a used old 1984 Subaru wagon, the second Seabisquit. My Impreza is my 3rd Seabisquit.
T & L Photos
Thanks, Susan! Old car pars are interesting. You look under a hood today and you mostly see large blocks of plastic!
Susan Brandt Graham Photography
A very interesting set of images!
T & L Photos
Yes it is! Thanks, David!
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