Let Them Do Stairs

July 01, 2017  •  18 Comments

Spunk checking out the stairs before his first ascent.


Even though hammocking is the perfect lounging behavior for cats, the kitties also wanted stairs so they could get floors on their little kitty Fitbits. After making coffee this morning, I went out and gathered up some old mahogany shelves I had in the shed, built the kitties a set of stairs and mounted them on the wall above my camera shelf on the other side on the hammock I hung yesterday.  While all the kitties checked out the new stairs, Spunk and Marble have been using the stairs and the hammock the most of all the kitties. Spunk went right into modeling mode after I got the stairs installed.


Marble making her way up the steps.


Spunk was the first one to figure out that he could go over to the bookcase, scratch on the pole and then go back over the shelf and hammock and back down the steps. The rest of the kitties acted stuck on the bookcase, and then jumped off the bookcase to the floor.


Marble was not very happy after Spunk pushed her out of the hammock.


Spunk grooming while hammocking.


Spunk doing a great pose while scratching on the pole.


Marble finally reclaimed the hammock from Spunk and did some serious hammocking in the afternoon.



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Thanks, Julie!
Oh what fun! Love those stairs Tim .. you are clever! Now I rather like the look of that camera too .. :D
Ann Mogford(non-registered)
What fun for the Kitties...and we get to have fun watching them....you did a great job...the stairs look like art....
Kendall Kessler(non-registered)
Great cat pics! Love the stairway!
Off Center & Not Even @ T & L Photos
Hi Harry. Always happy to make you laugh.
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